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Massage therapy describes many different techniques of soft tissue manipulation ranging from relaxing and soothing to deep and therapeutic.
ginkgo_flower_button1At TasWellbeing we specialise in the deep and therapeutic techniques because of the wide range of benefits for muscular, nervous system and skeletal issues.

Scenar Therapy
This amazing device, designed by Russian Scientists for use in space missions, is an intelligent electronic acupuncture without the needles.ginkgo_flower_button1
It stimulates the body to heal itself and is a remarkable treatment for many common ailments and injuries. This has proven to be very popular.

Scenar Mini

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that focuses on prevention and the use of natural methods to achieve the highest possible level of health for the individual.ginkgo_flower_button
These natural therapies now have a substantial body of scientific data behind them that supports their effectiveness and use.

Infra Red Sauna
Tas Wellbeing Saunas the ultimate infrared experience with the Physiotherm sauna.  Its innovative principle of using lava sand in the radiator filaments allows the heat to be applied very gently, efficiently and safely.ginkgo_flower_button

Infra Red Dry Heat  Sauna
Ionic Detox footbath

Ionic Detox Foot Spa
The Dr Mary Staggs ionic detox foot spa is an  effective but gentle way to re-balance your body and gain some extra energy. ginkgo_flower_button1

AcuGraph Meridian Therapy

AcuGraph is a computerized tool that is able to measure, analyze and document the energetic health of your acupuncture meridians. Acugraph is used in a short examination by touching a probe to acupuncture points on your hands and feet.ginkgo_flower_button

AcuGraph Meridian Therapy


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