Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson is a dedicated fully trained and credentialed professional with a passion to make a difference in the lives of those who use our services.

“I’m a strong advocate for improving your wellbeing  by encouraging personal responsibility and knowledge.”

From the moment you walk through our door you will feel the emphasis we have placed on making your journey to wellbeing a pleasurable experience.

We offer friendly personable service and exceptional follow-up care.

We also provide the convenience of purchasing any prescribed supplements or remedies from our professional high quality range stocked in the clinic.

We also offer a number of highly effective support therapies to ensure you get every opportunity to improve your health in the shortest time frame. These include the amazing SCENAR device, massage therapy, infrared sauna and ionic foot spa.


Because there is a wide variation in the type of conditions and your circumstances that we are presented with we use a 3-step procedure for all of our new naturopathic clients. This procedure ensures that we cover all of the necessary basics and gives you an accurate incite into the underlying causes of your unique health challenge.


The initial consult of approximately 1 hour is all about listening to you. We need to gather all of the relevant details about your health history and any other information that can help us with the ‘detective’ work of uncovering the real issues behind your health challenge*.

We will also make some initial recommendations to get you started on the journey towards living your best in health.

*At this point we will assess your individual case. If your condition is of a less complex nature or a simple acute presentation then we may not need to proceed to step 2


We now need to see what is happening to cause your symptoms.

We conduct 2 basic tests for step 2:


The Reams Biologic Theory of Ionization is a unique series of tests carried out on specimens of urine and saliva. The laboratory tests are made with scientific measuring equipment. The information gained from these tests enables us to monitor very complex body functions. A full report is then created for you that will explain each section of the test and what can be done to help re-balance the body.


This is a science that was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in hospitals. A small electrical device is connected to your hands and feet. The device then passes a safe and painless low voltage current through your body.

This provides us with valuable data such as muscle and fat mass, cell hydration and cell health.

It also enables us to accurately monitor your progress towards better health.

Medical tests

At this point we may recommend a visit to your GP for further medical testing if required.


This visit is to review the test results and present you with a proposal for a treatment strategy.

We will discuss some initial recommendations regarding diet, lifestyle or supplements that are needed to start you on the road to better energy and improved wellbeing.

Follow up visits will be recommended at intervals according to your requirements. For more complex cases in the initial 3-4 months these are generally spaced at 3 weekly intervals to allow for close monitoring of your progress as you begin to respond to the recommendations.